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Adele Disguised Herself As An Adele Impersonator And The Adele Impersonators Lost Their Shit

It was an absolutely wonderful stunt.

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Adele just teamed up with Graham Norton to play the best prank ever on her biggest fans: She disguised herself and hung out with some Adele impersonators.

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First, she got made up so her biggest fans wouldn't recognize her immediately. She was no longer Adele. She was Jenny.


Jenny's day job is nannying, and her voice is slow and calm. Basically, Adele went method for this.

Then Jenny went backstage and had some fun.


She even pretended to get super nervous.


And faked missing her cue in "Make You Feel My Love." Oh, Jenny.

But it wasn't all just for laughs. Jenny seemed genuinely touched by the performances.


But then Jenny started singing, and everyone began to realize Jenny was actually the one true Adele, and DREAMS CAME TRUE.

Katie Markham, one of the impersonators, told BuzzFeed, "The others [down the line] they didn't clip straightaway and then Lisa started roaring her eyes out. Because none of them realized I thought, stuff this, and started singing with her."


And after the cameras stopped rolling, all the ladies got to hang out with Adele. "We stood and chatted had a chat with her for a little while, and then we sang with her... And, God, honestly, it was ACE," Markham said.


As the skit was filmed several weeks ago, the auditionees weren't allowed to tell anyone what happened on stage until now. “I’ve not been allowed to say anything to anybody," Markham said. "And I have been dying.”



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