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    14 Times Jenny And Lee Goddamn Nailed It On "Gogglebox"

    Jenny: "Looking like that at 67 is fantastic." Lee: "You're 63, look at the state of you."

    Scarlett and "THE POSH DRUNK ONES" are great on Gogglebox. But these two, Jenny and Lee, are shining through and we need to give them credit.

    Studio Lambert / Channel 4

    They're friends, they're from Hull, and they both live in caravans.

    1. Their observations, like during this serious news report on North Korea, are wonderfully leftfield.

    AFP / Stringer and Channel 4 / Studio Lambert

    2. They also don't hold it in, like during this show on people who do webcam sex using disguises.

    Studio Lambert / Minnow Films / Via and

    3. And take this tense moment during the police drama River, when a guy jumped over a balcony.

    Kudos / Channel 4 / Studio Lambert / Via

    4. Their conversations are simply some of the most wonderful on television, like when Jenny bought this ornament while not wearing her glasses.

    Studio Lambert / Via

    5. They also take the piss out of each other a lot.

    Studio Lambert / Channel 4

    6. Sometimes Lee takes a bit far, like when Grace Jones was being interviewed and we learnt she is 67.

    Studio Lambert and Dan Kitwood / Getty Images / Via

    7. They're both refreshingly honest, like when these parents skydived during Saturday Night Takeaway.

    Studio Lambert and ITV Studios / Via and

    8. Jenny also likes to point out the bleeding obvious, like when this man talked about his sex doll girlfriend.

    Studio Lambert / Via

    Jenny, sex dolls can't walk.

    9. She can even handle innuendo really well.

    Love Productions and Studio Lambert / Via BBC Store and

    10. Or just gets it plain wrong, like during this Sky One show where dogs learn to fly planes in nine weeks.

    Studio Lambert / Via

    11. Or during Happy Valley when a character is convinced by a prisoner to kill another person.

    Studio Lambert and Red / Via

    No, Meat Loaf hasn't killed anyone.

    12. And then there was the time that they flew a small helicopter in the inside of their caravan.

    Studio Lambert / Channel 4

    13. And the time a documentary talked about the Royal Seal of Approval some items from supermarkets have.

    Studio Lambert / Dispatches / Via

    14. Jenny and Lee, you're a goddamn scream.

    Gogglebox / Studio Lambert / Twenty Twenty / Via

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