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    15 Of The Best Lines By Janet In "The Good Place" So Far

    "Fun fact: Janet is me."

    If you’ve been watching The Good Place you’ll be more than familiar with Janet (D'Arcy Carden), the walking, talking database. In my opinion she is the best goddamn character on the show.

    1. Like when Jason opened up and said this to her.

    2. When Eleanor was informed that Janet can answer any question about the universe, so she asked this.

    3. When Janet had to be rebooted and Jason was trying to be nice, to which Janet responded:

    4. When Janet was programmed to say "fun facts".

    5. And she followed it up with the best "fun fact" of all.

    6. And she told us the history of Janets.

    7. When she explained her relationship with Jason in literally the most Janet way possible.

    8. When she had the best response to Michael’s intense sinkhole panic.

    9. When Michael said that he was going to go into "retirement" and asked Janet whether she would be OK.

    10. When she decided to marry Jason after being rebooted.

    11. And when Jason asked Janet to go back to her place.

    12. When Janet was asked by Eleanor for a distraction.

    13. When Eleanor realised that she had met Mindy St. Claire time and time and time and time and time again.

    14. When Janet was "murdered" and had to be rebooted, which took a little bit more time than initially expected.

    15. And well, this lasted for quite some time.

    God bless Janet.