James Corden Is Coming To The U.S. To Take Over "The Late Late Show"

    The British actor and comedian will be succeeding Craig Ferguson in 2015.

    Meet the new host of The Late Late Show.

    Corden got his big break playing Timms in Alan Bennett's stage-play and film The History Boys.

    More recently, he's presented British TV programmes such as the sport panel game A League of Their Own.

    And he's an interviewer. He interviewed Gary Barlow for a primetime BBC documentary earlier this year.

    However, he's also known for some unfortunate incidents, such as when he interrupted Adele's acceptance speech at The BRIT Awards in 2012. She reacted like this.

    His three-year stint as host of the BRITs was also criticised for being rather cringey, such as when he did this selfie with Prince on stage.

    This was the result.

    So British reaction to his new US talk show has been understandably mixed.

    Americans expressing bafflement over who James Corden is: weep for your life as it was, for you shall not see its like again

    Sorry, but why choose James Corden? I got nothing against him, I'm just curious.

    At least Ferguson approves.

    Congratulations to the spectacularly talented James Corden who will take over the LLS after me. Great choice. I heartily endorse & approve.

    @CraigyFerg Thank you so much Craig. That's truly made my day. You are a true gent and a tough act to follow! X