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    14 Times Jack Whitehall's Dad Gave No Fucks

    Jack Whitehall and his father Michael are starring in Netflix's Travels With My Father.

    1. Jack Whitehall's father Michael is the highlight of his new Netflix series, like when Jack slightly exaggerated his career and his dad corrected him.

    2. When Jack said this on his chatshow Backchat to Jeremy Paxman and his father was having none of it.

    3. When Michael told Jack that he was writing an autobiography and Jack tried to take the piss.

    4. When they both went to an elephant tournament competition and Jack volunteered to take part.

    5. When Michael and the guests shared champagne.

    6. When Jack told this anecdote about his dad.

    7. And when Michael set him this challenge.

    8. And when Noel Fielding was a guest on Jack's chatshow.

    9. When they were both asked to buy tickets together.

    10. When they passed a confessional while travelling in Vietnam and decided to give it a try.

    11. When Jack told this story about when he went to McDonald's with his dad.

    12. When Michael went out of the way for an important reason.

    13. And when he used this to get attention at a club when he was forced to go by his son.

    14. Not long after, it was followed by this sign.