Innuendo Bingo With Hugh Jackman Is The Wettest Thing You Will See Today

“I think you quite like coming here actually.”

1. You know Innuendo Bingo. People sit opposite each other with mouths full of water and listen to radio clips laden with innuendo. If they laugh, this happens.

Amazing Phil /

There’s water everywhere and everyone looks as if they wet themselves.

2. Well Hugh Jackman gave it a go… and oh my god.

It is without the wettest game of Innuendo Bingo in the history of mankind.

Just look at their reactions when the radio clips are played.

3. “I understand why your deck had been enlarged.”

BBC Radio 1 /

4. “I think you quite like coming here actually.”

BBC Radio 1 /

5. “For good luck his wife used to kiss his balls.”

BBC Radio 1 /

6. “It was quite unsafe going down on a donkey.”

BBC Radio 1 /

7. “Have a sniff down the bottom hole.”

BBC Radio 1 /

8. And guest presenter Kylie absolutely loved it.

BBC Radio 1 /

BBC Radio 1 /


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