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    "Just Tattoo Of Us" Features People Choosing Revenge Tattoos For Each Other And It Is The Worst

    Warning: The tattoos are horrible.

    So there’s this new show on MTV where friends, couples, and enemies choose tattoos for each other. They can either get them nice tattoos or ones like this.

    MTV UK

    And this.

    MTV UK

    Why a tattoo of an eye near their groin? "It means that I am always keeping an eye on you. I am always watching."

    The twist is that each person has no idea what tattoo they have until it is revealed in a mirror afterwards.

    MTV UK

    Now, people getting tattoos for each other isn't new. BuzzFeed Video even did a series last year where friends and couples got tattoos for each other, but with the understanding that they were getting ones that they would like.

    But on this show a lot of it is about revenge.

    MTV UK

    Fine when a prank is a prank, but when the tattoos are there for life?

    In one episode, Corey got his mate Marc a tattoo of a giant snake on his leg as a joke, because he knows he doesn't like snakes.

    MTV UK

    The tattoos are then revealed to them in front of a mirror in front of the presenters. Marc's response to it?

    "I dunno, maybe? It'll do. No I like that... I am not going to lie. I don't like snakes. You know I don't like snakes."

    Corey's reason for the tattoo was this:

    MTV UK

    To which the presenter said:

    MTV UK


    Oh, and in response, Marc got Corey this tattoo:

    MTV UK

    It went down well with the presenters.

    MTV UK

    But Corey found it hilarious. He said afterwards: "I don't love Donald Trump so much, but I think he is a bit of a hero. He's funny. He makes me laugh, and this is going to make me laugh for a long time."

    MTV UK

    I don't really have any words for this.

    One of the tattoos a mate chose for another was this daisy, which might not seem that bad at first.

    MTV UK

    Until we found out this.

    MTV UK

    Oh, fucking hell.

    And someone from Geordie Shore got a tattoo of his face on his girlfriend's shoulders because he thought that she was going to do a joke tattoo on him as well.

    MTV UK

    She didn't. She got him something very sentimental.

    We've run out of tattoo show ideas, guys.


    In short, here is my quick review:

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    Just Tattoo of Us is on MTV UK at 10pm every Monday, or you can catch up on Sky Go or Now TV.

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