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    The 27 Most Important Moments From "Bake Off" 2015

    This has been an absolutely brilliant series. Warning: spoilers.

    1. Every time we saw Nadiya's facial expressions.

    2. Especially when Dorret was a little bit sad.

    3. When Dorett's cake didn't go to plan.

    And everyone was like this.

    4. When we were introduced to a man called Tamal.

    And everyone wanted to have sex with him.

    'Tamal is well versed in the art of injecting' IS HE INDEED #GBBO

    5. When Marie sensually opened this oven.

    6. When Sandy said this line and you thought that something horrible had happened to her sister.

    Only for that not to be the case at all.

    Can I just inform the public my sister is alive, to think her dying statement would be " line your tins"

    7. Every single weird thing Sandy said.

    8. And when she wobbled like this.

    9. Every time Flora was really middle class.

    10. Or looked as if she needed a bloody day off.

    11. When Alvin made so much bread it would kill us all.

    12. When Paul made the best goddamn lion of all time.

    13. And there were parodies everywhere like this.

    14. When Tamal showed off his really intense love for a pork sandwich during Pastry Week for no reason.

    What was his other favourite sandwich?

    So the other top sandwich was: meatball, caramelised onion and cheddar toasted ciabatta. I think about that one a lot too! #GBBO

    Tamal can make a jelly sandwich with me any day #GBBO

    15. When Mat put his Tennis Bake decoration into the oven instead of the freezer FOR NO REASON.

    And everyone was like this.

    That moment when Mat put his icing in the oven... #GBBO

    16. When you realised the amazing height difference between Mat and Nadiya after eight weeks.

    @BegumNadiya I've got a similar photo of you with our Mat @matrileybakes. Not much of a height difference at all...!

    17. When Paul made this impressive sex noise. / Via Love Productions / BBC

    18. When Nadiya presented this wonderful cake.

    19. When they had to make a nun cake and Nadiya told us all that one of them exploded, with no extra information given.

    20. When everyone pretty much failed at making a Religieuse a L'ancienne Showstopper.

    21. Oh well, could have been worse.

    22. When Mel politely asked Nadiya why the technical recipe for the soufflé included paperclips.

    And Nadiya totally lost her shit. / Via BBC / Love Productions

    “For filing it away, in the folder that says NEVER BAKE AGAIN.”

    23. When Ian presented his well and Paul Hollywood came back with this really quite weird criticism.

    "Is there enough work in there?" HE MADE A CHOCOLATE WELL, PAUL #gbbo

    24. Every time everyone helped each other, because unlike most shows everyone supports each other.

    25. When Nadiya cried after winning Star Baker.

    26. When she was incredibly sassy to Paul.

    "Happy, Nadiya?" "Happy, Paul?"

    27. And when she won.