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    Steve From "Stranger Things" And Jean Ralphio Finally Met And Did Some Amazing Photos Together

    Proof that they are father and son, once and for all.

    You know Steve (aka Joe Keery) from Stranger Things.

    Netflix Studios / Via

    First things first: UGH, STEVE.

    But just look at that hair. JUST LOOK AT IT.

    At some point or another while watching the show, you've probably gone, "Hey, Steve looks a little bit like Jean Ralphio from Parks & Rec, doesn't he?"

    Netflix Studios and Deedle Dee Productions / NBC

    Such majestic hair they both have. They swish in the wind.

    You wouldn't be the only one who noticed this.

    Finally started watching Stranger Things and we can all agree that Steve Harrington looks way too much like Jean Ralphio, right?

    Seriously, everybody has.

    Steve in Stranger Things has a strong resemblance to Jean Ralphio, am i wrong

    I mean, any article on BuzzFeed that mentions Steve Harrington always has this as a top comment.

    Well...there's been an unexpected development.

    In a stunt perfect for the internet, Joe Keery and Ben Schwartz met up and did photos together like this.

    They also did this video.

    Isn't life just wonderful.

    Oh my god.

    We're going in.

    Such great hair.

    UPDATE - A representative for Ben Schwartz was contacted by BuzzFeed UK, and later responded with: "A full length video is coming soon.... That's all I can say for now."

    1. Who has the better hair?

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    Who has the better hair?
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      Jean Ralphio from Parks and Rec
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      Steve from Stranger Things

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