A Weird Visual Trick Happened On French TV And Here's How It Was Done

    It makes watching this Euro 2016 TV show really engaging, even if you don't like football or know any French.

    This video of a presenter going into a television screen for a pitch-side interview went viral on Sunday.

    Énorme l'effet "J te rejoins sur la pelouse" avec @CarineGalli sur @M6 au top ! #SUIFRA #AllezLesBleus

    That's Nathalie Renoux in a studio in Paris walking into a television to speak to Carine Galli, who is on the sidelines in Nice.

    These two people are at different locations.

    At the end of the interview she walks out again.

    Even one of the presenters was impressed by this.

    So cool 😃⚽️🇫🇷🏆 @M6 https://t.co/E4WhKWtk3b

    It gets even weirder when both of them are holding umbrellas because it's raining at the stadium.

    When one of them is in a studio.

    This is not the only trick the show has come up with.

    Pour ses interviews d'après-match, M6 projette l'hologramme des joueurs sur son plateau...

    That's right...an interview that starts like this.

    Zapped into the studio like Star Trek.

    This “hologram” effect was achieved by having the interviewee sit in front of a green screen in a separate studio at the stadium.

    When the interview is finished he disappears like this.

    We really are living in the future.