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    10 Danny Dyer Parenting Quotes You Need To Get In Your Nut

    On homework: "It's fucking ridiculous. I cannot get my nut around it. Even with Google I can't do it."

    Danny Dyer was on Channel 4 documentary called Parenting for Idiots and he was magnificent (as always). Here's some of the best stuff he said:

    1. Danny Dyer on wanting to have a boy:

    2. Danny Dyer on sports days:

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    3. Danny Dyer on homework:

    4. Danny Dyer on picking the kids up from school:

    5. Danny Dyer on Christmas presents:

    6. Danny Dyer on bad child behaviour:

    7. Danny Dyer on potty training:

    8. On bringing up children:

    9. And the joys of having a child:

    10. Just look at Danny Dyer's face in this clip.

    You can watch all of the episodes of Parenting for Adults , featuring Lauren Laverne, Frankie Boyle and of course Danny Dyer on All 4.