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    People In Britain Are Becoming Obsessed With These Exceptionally Long And Niche TV Shows

    A two-and-a-half-hour countdown of the best dog breeds.

    Britain is currently getting rather infatuated with some exceptionally niche television shows, such as this:

    That's right: a show ranking the 100 best dog breeds.

    And this wasn't a show on a niche channel. This was a show on one of Britain's biggest television networks, ITV. And it lasted for TWO. AND. A. HALF. HOURS.

    And the presenters were extremely excited to find out where their own dogs would end up in the rankings.

    Literally the whole show was like this...

    ...with analysis as if the countdown was sports coverage.

    And the weirder thing is, the more you watched this show, the more you got totally sucked in by it.

    Me when my dog isn’t announced as number 1 on #BritainsFavouriteDogs

    And bizarrely the programme didn't do too badly either – more than 3 million people watched it.

    What idiot called it "Britain's Favourite Dogs" and not "The Great British Bark Off" #BritainsFavouriteDogs

    Now, you might think this was a one-off format just to fill some time. But you would be ABSOLUTELY WRONG.

    This caused a little bit of confusion.

    But in absolutely sensational coincidental news, on a rival channel there is a television show where celebrities go on long walks with their dogs.

    This one, lasting a whole hour on Channel 4, features a famous person walking a dog in a very nice park and saying very nice things.

    But if you think that's niche and very typically British, you haven't seen anything yet. Last month this happened on another rival British broadcaster, Channel 5:

    This show lasted for 90 minutes.

    A show literally consisting of people you might have heard of eating biscuits and reviewing them.

    Some of the biscuits also underwent a dunk test.

    And you're probably wondering who the winners were. I am probably going to piss off the channels now by revealing them to you. Firstly, Britain's Favourite Dog...

    The presenters then said "congratulations" to the dogs that won, even though they are dogs and dogs do not understand the word "congratulations".

    They then said this.

    And here's the winner of Britain's Favourite Biscuit...

    In conclusion: These shows make you proud to be British.