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    Here Is Undeniable Proof That Mrs Hudson Is The Best Thing About "Sherlock"

    "I AM NOT YOUR HOUSEKEEPER." (Features a couple of spoilers from "The Lying Detective.")

    1. When Mrs Hudson tried to lift Sherlock's spirits.

    2. When Mrs Hudson talked about her ex-husband.

    3. This continued for quite some time.

    4. When Watson moved in with Sherlock.

    5. And when Watson told her that he was going to propose to someone.

    6. When a random person collapsed on her floor.

    7. When Mrs Hudson tried to calm down Sherlock.

    8. When Sherlock wanted biscuits but Mrs Hudson wouldn't stop talking about relationships.

    9. When we found out more about Mrs Hudson's ex.

    10. When we saw Magnussen's file on Mrs Hudson.

    11. When Mrs Hudson is held hostage in the apartment.

    12. And finally, when Watson and Sherlock weren't speaking so Mrs Hudson launched a cunning plan.

    13. Fuck yeah, Mrs Hudson.

    14. Nothing will stop you now.