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    Huw Edwards Always Does The Same Pose At The Start Of "News At Ten"

    UPDATE: Huw Edwards changed his pose after everyone noticed.

    Someone has noticed that the BBC’s Huw Edwards strikes the same pose at the start of every single News at Ten, so made @HuwsAtTen.

    It tweets his opening pose every single night.

    And it's always the same.

    Twitter accounts like this are why I love Twitter.

    The account is managed by two people, Matt and Tom. Tom told BuzzFeed News "It's been ticking along very quietly and then all of a sudden somebody with a bit of clout retweeted it and it's all over the place."

    "We take it turns. I have an alarm on my phone for Monday and Wednesdays and so it goes off at one minute to ten and I just flip my computer open, screengrab it and shut it again." Matt runs the account on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

    The account has been tweeting Huw's pose since February but has only started to get noticed now.

    Reminder that there's an account dedicated solely to @huwbbc's pose at the start of the News at 10. Incredible.

    So I did a bit of digging and looked at every News at Ten I could find, and this pose goes back for AGES.

    BBC News / Via

    That's last night's BBC News at Ten.

    Here is what it was on the 6th February 2016.

    BBC News

    14th December 2015.

    BBC News / Via

    16th April 2015.

    BBC News / Via

    18th September 2014.

    BBC News / Via

    21st May 2013.

    BBC News

    20th March 2013.

    BBC News

    18th March 2013.

    BBC News

    There have been a few rare occasions when Huw was in a different pose, such as this on the 10th February.

    "I think he was just a bit faster than the director there, though." Tom said. "He's probably started on the pose during the ident."

    BBC News was contacted for comment but didn't reply. However, Huw Edwards has tweeted this.

    @BuzzFeedUK @HuwsAtTen @scottygb It's almost worth changing... you'll just have to watch to find out...

    God bless Huw Edwards.

    "right, let's talk about grime" - huw edwards, 2016

    UPDATE: On tonight's broadcast he changed his pose.

    BBC News