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How Many '90s And '00s Kids' TV Shows Have You Watched?

British kids TV was way better when we were younger.

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  1. 1. All of these were shown on British screens in the '90s and '00s.

    Tick off the ones you have seen.

    Get Your Own Back
    CBBC / Via
    CBBC / Via
    CBBC / Via
    Round The Twist
    Australian Children's Television Foundation / Via
    CBBC / Via
    CBBC / Via
    Walt Disney Television / Via
    How 2
    TVS / STV Productions / Via
    The Animals Of Farthing Wood
    Telemagination / La Fabrique / Via
    The Demon Headmaster
    CBBC / Via
    BBC Scotland / Via
    GStory Entertainment / WGBH / Via
    The Sarah Jane Adventures / Via BBC Wales / CBBC
    Art Attack / Via TVS / Media Merchants / STV / Walt Disney
    Jungle Run / Via Yorkshire Television
    CBBC / BBC News / Via
    UK Top 40 / Via CBBC
    Blue Peter: Unleashed / Via CBBC
    TMi / Via CBBC
    SM:TV Live
    Blaze Television / Via
    The Fairly OddParents
    Frederator Studios / Nickelodeon Animation Studio / Via
    BBC Scotland / Via
    Stitch Up! / Via CBBC
    The Wild Thornberrys
    Klasky Csupo / Nickelodeon Animation Studio / Via
    CBBC / Via
    The Saturday Show
    CBBC / Via
    Watership Down
    Alltime / Decode / Helix Animation / Funbag Animation / Via
    Grange Hill
    BBC / Mersey Television / Via
    Sweet Valley High
    Saban International / Via
    Sabrina The Teenage Witch
    Archie Comics / Hartbreak Films / Finishing The Hat / Via
    Eureka TV
    CBBC / Via
    Blaze Television / Via
    Blue Peter / Via CBBC
    The Queen's Nose
    BBC / Film and Genera Productions Ltd. / Via /
    Anglia / Broadsword Productions / ITV Studios / Via
    Nelly Nut Live
    BBC / Via
    Byker Grove
    BBC / Zenith Entertainment / Via
    Dennis the Menace and Gnasher
    Collingwood O'Hare / Beano Productuons / Hong Ying Animation/ Flextech / Polygram / Via
    Mona the Vampire
    Fancy Cape / Alphanim / Cinar / Via
    The Lampies
    Uli Meyer Animation Studios / Dave Bonner / CBBC / Via
    Klashky Csuopo / Nickelodeon / Via
    The Worst Witch
    Granada Kids / CITV / Via /
    Bodger and Badger
    BBC / Via
    Live & Kicking
    CBBC / Via
    The Story of Tracy Beaker
    BBC / Entertainment Rights / Via
    Watch My Chops / Via Millimages UK
    Dick & Dom in da Bungalow
    CBBC / Via
    Bernard's Watch
    CITV / Carlton Television / Via
    Garfield and Friends
    Film Roman / Paws, Inc. / Via
    What's New Scooby Doo?
    Warner Bros Animation
    My Parents Are Aliens
    Yorkshire Television / Via
    S Club 7's Hollywood 7
    CBBC / Via
    Ghost Hunter
    Zenith North / CBBC / Via
    Belfry Witches
    BBC / Via
    Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles
    Mirage Studios / 4Kids Entertainment / Dong Woo Animation / Via
    M.I. High
    BBC Worldwide / Pixi Box / Ravensburger / Via
    Amblin Entertainment / Warner Bros / Via
    Two Hats Productions / BBC / Via
    CITV / LWT / Via
    Rosie and Jim
    Ragdoll Productions /Central Television / Via
    Basil Brush Show
    The Foundation / RDF Media / Via
    Dexter's Laboratory
    Cartoon Network Studios / Via
    The Powerpuff Girls
    Cartoon Network Studios / Via
    Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide
    Jack Mackie Pictures / Nickelodeon Productions / Via /
    Johnny Bravo
    Cartoon Network Studios / Via
    Fun House
    STV Productions / CITV / Via
    4Kids Entertainment / The Pokémon Company / Via

How Many '90s And '00s Kids' TV Shows Have You Watched?

Oh dear oh dear. What a low score. But on the plus side, you probably went outside and actually did some physical exercise during this all important decade. WELL DONE YOU. So for ticking this many on this list you win Arthur... ARTHUR!

9 Story Entertainment / WGBH / Via
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You watched some programmes, so you have enough knowledge to voice your opinion in the 'which is better: CBBC or CITV?' debate. You're still debating it to this day. As a prize, you win Sage and Onion from Live & Kicking.

Live & Kicking / CBBC / Via
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OK so you watched quite a few shows, and I bet you too suffered the crushing disappointment of entering a Blue Peter competition and not winning. However that has all changed. You've just won Tracy Island!

Blue Peter / BBC / Via
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You've watched a fair amount of shows, I'll give you that. You probably own a Blue Peter badge and maybe possibly a green 'environmental' one too. If you do... you jammy dodger. You've won Otis the Aardvark. HE'S COMING TO GET YOU.

CBBC / Via
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You know the Live & Kicking number by heart. You know every Blue Peter presenter there has ever been and more. You also debate whether CBBC and CITV have suffered a horrific decline in quality and output over the years. You are a true British hero. A true British hero.

Live & Kicking / BBC / Via
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DID YOU EVER LEAVE THE HOUSE WHEN YOU WERE A CHILD? DID YOU ACTUALLY HAVE ANY FRIENDS? Well done though, I am secretly quite jealous of you. We all are. We just don't want to admit it. You've won Taj, the main character from CBBC's Kerching! What is Kerching? You should have watched it, surely?

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