How House Prices Have Exploded, As Told By Old Episodes Of “Location Location Location”

Kirstie and Phil are on a mission to make you feel incredibly depressed.

1. You know Location Location Location, don’t you?

It’s on every forty five-minutes on More4. It consists of Kirstie and Phil helping someone who sounds quite bored find a house.

2. Is it a new-ish show? Nope. Of course not.

Location Location Location has been around for ages. So much so that if you watch really old episodes you realise how absolutely mind-numbingly cheap all of the housing in London is.

3. Take this house in Balham, for instance. In 2002 you could get your hands on this first floor flat for only…

2013 - a first-floor property in a nearby road? Over £479,000!

4. Then there’s this one bedroom flat in Hackney. In an episode in the year 2000, the place cost £107,000.

A flat sold on the same road today? You can get one for…

It’s only more than double the cost.

5. How about this house in Acton?

It was this price in 2005, with five bedrooms and two bathrooms.

6. A similar house in Acton was sold for around £445,000 in 2006. It is now on the market for…

7. To Wandsworth now. In 2002 they featured this property valued at £195,000.

A one bedroom flat nearby sold earlier this year for…

8. It’s even worse if you’ve got a bit more cash and want to live somewhere nice. In 2002 this was…

Ten years on and a similar property now costs…

So affordable.

9. Meanwhile, also in 2002, there was this 3 bedroom flat in Maida Vale…

10. A flat for sale now in the same block of houses? YOU CAN NOW PURCHASE IT FOR AN AFFORDABLE…

11. Then there’s this flat in Maida Vale, also from a 2002 episode.

A similar house in the same block of houses went for £925,000 in October last year. A three bedroom in the same block was sold recently for £1,175,000.

12. Good luck house hunting everybody.

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