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    We Really Have To Discuss The Fourth Episode Of "House Of Cards"

    Well, that...that twist came out of nowhere (warning: post contains spoilers).

    So the first new episode of House of Cards featured the unexpected return of a key character: Lucas.

    He worked for the Washington Herald alongside Zoe (who, you know, was killed by Frank Underwood).

    But then Doug started to get involved.

    Lucas followed Gavin's instructions and was arrested.

    And Lucas was forced to take a plea deal (as he had committed a crime) and was put in jail.

    In Episode 4 of the new season, with no warning, there was an unexpected Underwood assassination attempt at a re-election campaign event.

    Also, Edward Meechum, the secret-service agent who protected Underwood, was shot by Lucas.

    This came out of nowhere, so naturally Meechum fans are a little bit upset.

    And people really weren't ready for what went down.

    Y'all didn't warn me about @HouseofCards episode 4!!!!

    Episode 4, guys. Ep. Is. Ode. Four. #HouseOfCards

    Of course, Meechum is much remembered for copping off with both Francis and Claire Underwood.

    A threesome, or, as one Tumblr user called it:

    But now Threechum is no longer with us.

    And now people are leaving these as tribute.

    It's quite devastating.

    Goodbye, Meechum. You will be missed.

    Thumbnail image credit: David Giesbrecht/Netflix