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Yes, Jane Was Wearing A Fake Moustache In The Background Of "Bake Off"

This post contains spoilers for this week's Bake Off, obviously.

On Wednesday's Bake Off, for a split second, you may have seen a really weird thing in the background when Tom's showstopper was being judged.

Love Productions / BBC


Love Productions / BBC

A lot of viewers noticed this as well.

Odd. I never noticed Jane's bushy moustache before.#GBBO

Tom haunted by the ghost of Groucho Marx #GBBO

So I did a bit of digging to find out THE TRUTH. The first clue came from the name of Tom's Showstopper that week: a Hipster Picnic.

Love Productions / BBC

"Hmmmmmmm... some hipsters have moustaches", I thought.

Then when Tom presented his Showstopper, I noticed a small little fake moustache presented on top.

Love Productions / BBC

Jane was then immediately contacted to work out whether she did indeed steal Tom's moustache from his bake.

@Janebbakes hello. did you nick tom's moustache? Love, everyone.

And then Jane confirmed that she did.

Tom also, unfortunately, left the Bake Off tent last night after a truly heroic effort.

Love Productions / BBC

And throughout the series, many people have pointed out that Tom and Ezra Koenig, the lead singer of Vampire Weekend, look like twins.

Rachel Murray / Getty and Mark Bourdillon / BBC

Well last night, when Tom left, Ezra tweeted this:

God I love this show so much.

Love Productions / BBC

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