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Here's What Everyone Looked Like At The Eurovision Song Contest

The hipster vibe was strong this year.

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1. The Eurovision presenters look the dancing emojis.

Eurovision / BBC

2. The CGI boy during Sweden's looked like the graphics you get with the assembly instructions at Ikea.

3. Norway looks like Merida from Brave.

Pixar / Disney

4. Lithuania looked like Elsa from Frozen.


5. Estonia looks like Louis Tomlinson.

#LouisTomlinson lookalike representing #Estonia #Eurovision2105

6. Armenia were represented by extras from Lord Of The Rings.

THE TREE OF GONDOR #ARM #eurovision2015

7. Cyprus went for the hipster vote.

Cyprus - your ex-boyfriend who works in design and spends his weekend in bike shops in Shoreditch #Eurovision2015

8. Austria looked like Kings Of Leon.

Kings of Leon with a blowdry. #Eurovision

9. And were way too chill about their piano being on fire.

10. Greece went full '90s with a Stargate during their performance.

Opening a stargate portal during your performance? risky move #gre #eurovision2015

11. And drafted in Blake Lively.

12. People thought Montenegro's entry looked like George Galloway.

13. Georgia entered the child of Shakespears sister and Raven.

Great to see Raven's Daughter representing Georgia #Eurovision2015

She's reminds me somebody? Shakespear sister!? You're welcome! #GEO #Eurovision2015

14. Germany went full Hunger Games.

further proof the #Eurovision2015 is the Hunger Games.

15. And Andrew W.K. was on drums for Russia

Rachael Krishna/BuzzFeed

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