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    The 21 Most Cringeworthy Moments From The First Episode Of "The Apprentice"

    "There is no 'i' in team, but there is five in individual brilliance."

    1. Let's start with Mark Wright.

    2. The new crop of contestants are so humble.

    3. SO humble.

    4. And they've all got a clear strategy.

    5. But they aren't arrogant though. Not one bit.

    6. They throw random facts to Alan Sugar in the vain hope of being remembered.

    7. But they do teach us very valuable lessons.

    8. It's just possible they overstate the importance of the products they sell.

    9. They can think up great team names too. The girls called their team Decadence.

    10. There are so many lessons about business you can learn from this show. If you have to sell lemons you can always do this.

    11. Another winning business strategy: Spend way too much time procrastinating in a supermarket while buying hotdog ingredients and shouting stuff like this.

    12. But then sell hotdogs that look like this.

    13. Karren Brady is a massive fan of these hotdogs.

    14. Another valuable idea? Sell tat for well over its value, like this pot of cleaning products.

    15. And then try to sell it at London Zoo. / / Boundless / Mark Burnett Productions

    16. And when you get asked something like this...

    17. ...respond with "I think so" and then say this.

    Please remember this lesson. It is so very important.

    18. It is also totally acceptable to have a massive argument...

    19. While serving a customer a lovely coffee. / / Boundless / Mark Burnett Productions

    20. It is also acceptable to purchase some T-shirts too late in the day to sell them....

    21. ...then try to sell them back to the very person you just bought the product from, at a profit.