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    Here’s What Some Of The Most Famous Gladiators Look Like Now

    Wolf, Lightning, Jet, Ace, Hunter, and Saracen, along with Ulrika Jonsson and referee John Anderson, have all reunited as part of an ITV documentary.

    1. Lightning

    ITV /

    Lightning (Kim Betts) is now a small business owner, and once managed a farm.

    2. Jet

    After leaving the show due to an injury, Jet has now retrained as a physiotherapist.

    She can still nail her trademark move.

    ITV / Via

    3. Ace

    Ace (Warren Furman) has since become an evangelist, and now teaches Christianity.

    4. Hunter
    ITV / Gladiators

    After the show ended, Hunter (James Crossley) attempted an acting career.

    5. Saracen
    ITV / Gladiators

    Saracen (Mike Lewis) now appears on Ninja Warrior and is also a firefighter.

    He's still number one.

    ITV / Via

    6. And finally, Wolf
    ITV / Gladiators

    Wolf (Michael Van Wijk) now lives in New Zealand and runs a chain of gyms.

    And he hasn't changed at all.

    ITV / Via

    And here's what they look like together.


    You can watch the reunion here.

    The Saturday Night Story starts on Saturday 15 August at 8pm on ITV.

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