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    Louisa Might Be The Best Person To Ever Have Been On "First Dates"

    And she's back on the show next week.

    This is Louisa.

    And she is absolutely amazing.

    At one point during the date she admitted this.

    This is Exeter Cathedral by the way.

    Louisa rockin' up to your fancy party like... ⛪️💁🏻 #firstdates

    Although dressing as a cathedral has setbacks.

    I guarantee if I ever saw Louisa in a bar dressed as a cathedral I will take her for a cheeky nandos, ha ha she is unreal #firstdates

    She also ended her date like this.

    She also admitted not having many friends at some points in her past, but she was not going to let it bring her down.

    Louisa from #firstdates is probably my favourite person in the ENTIRE WORLD.

    And the date? It didn't go too well in the end :/

    But don't fear.

    There's still another chance.

    In next weeks @firstdates, Louisa finds the love of her life... Paul. So happy for her. #firstdates