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Sep 22, 2015

What Is The Worst Pick Up Line You've Ever Heard?

"Your eyes are like spanners. Every time I look into them my nuts tighten."

There's a show called First Dates in which people go on blind dates, and it is fit to burst with chat-up lines.

Twenty Twenty / Channel 4 / Via

Some are a bit lewd.

Twenty Twenty / Via

Some of them are a bit crude.

First Dates / Channel 4

This guy is particularly bad.

First Dates / Via

Some don't even make sense.

First Dates / Via Channel 4

May I add that this guy is describing the worst chat-up line he's heard.

And some you never want to hear again.

First Date / Channel 4 / Via
NBC / Via

What is the worst chat-up line you've ever heard?

Regardless where you heard it, let us know about it and it might feature in a future BuzzFeed post. And if it has been dropped to you, let us know the story behind it!

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