"Family Guy" And "The Simpsons" Crossover Episode Will Be Aired This September

    The concept was confirmed last July. Now we know when the show will be on our screens.

    Yes, the episode is actually happening.

    The hour long special episode, called "The Simpsons Guy" (see what they did there), will see Bart skateboarding with Stewie, Peter and Homer fighting after arguing whether Springfield's Duff beer or Quahog's Pawtucket is better, and Marge and Lois bonding together.

    A sneak peak was give at Fox's Upfront presentation.

    Fox showing sneak peek of Family Guy-Simpsons crossover. Looks cool #Upfronts

    Several stills from the presentation leaked on to the internet shortly afterwards. However a rep for Fox told BuzzFeed that "though some photos leaked from Fox's 2014 upfront presentation on Monday, an official look won't be available for at least another month".

    There's been an expectations that a crossover episode would happen at one point, especially as both shows are on the same network.

    But with the consensus being that The Simpsons and Family Guy have passed their peak, will this special be a critical hit wit fans and viewers? Wait and see.