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    Every Single Thing That Is Guaranteed To Happen On A-Level Results Day

    It is so much more than girls jumping. So much more.

    1. The media will show loads of jumping girls.

    2. People will complain about the jumping girls on Twitter.

    3. After reading a lot about this lack of jumping equality, you will feel proud when you see a boy jumping.

    4. The media will do reports like this.

    5. Followed by cameras zooming in on envelopes.

    6. These students always do well, so you will think it is a conspiracy and assume that the teachers already knew their grades.

    7. The media will also do these interviews.

    8. While bashing together these stories, yet again.

    9. If you are receiving your A-levels and you haven't collected your results yet, you will get these adverts.

    just the positivity I needed, thank you UCAS

    10. Meanwhile, old people in journalism will say that things were much harder in their day.

    11. You will find celebrity tweets like this.

    12. With lovely inspiring replies like this.

    13. Perhaps you'll be able to get away from it all by turning on your favourite radio station? No.

    14. Want to go on BuzzFeed to forget? Sorry.

    15. But then you'll get your results and feel weird because you start involuntarily hugging people.

    16. And you will post incredibly proud statuses like this.

    17. Or this, because you know you never have to see people in your area ever again.

    18. Because you are here. From 10am.