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    21 Incredibly Sexist Questions From The "Apprentice" Relationship Guru Board Game

    Yes that's right, this board game ACTUALLY exists.

    Remember the incredibly sexist board game in The Apprentice this week? A board game that caused Karren Brady to pull this facial expression?

    Well someone spotted it in a window in London's Covent Garden, so BuzzFeed UK bought one.

    1. Absolutely all women hate chicken salad.

    2. They also hate ALL rock music.

    3. This is what all men think women should do.

    4. Women have really high anniversary expectations.

    5. They also love going abroad with a complete stranger for their very first romantic date.

    6. This is what all women want most in a relationship.

    7. Men are most afraid of rats NOT cats.

    8. Women want to be asked out by social media.

    9. But nobody wants to be dumped on social media.

    10. Men absolutely love massages, but hate facials.

    11. All women hate head massages. ALL women.

    12. Men love rock but they dislike pop music.

    13. This is what all men love to do with their partners.

    14. These are the most ideal dates for a man.

    15. Pickle is the best nickname you a partner.

    16. This question doesn't even make any sense.

    17. Everyone gets 'itchy feet' and wants to cheat.

    18. Men hate food being cooked by grandparents.

    19. They loathe it when their partner burps at the table.

    20. This question is a slight grammatical nightmare.

    21. And this is why couples split up.

    This guy is right, you know.