The 24 Most Important Moments From Eurovision 2014

    Did the UK win? Of course we didn't don't be silly.

    1. Belarus danced like this.

    2. Before kicking the camera down due to PASSION.

    3. Iceland's lyrics were simply inspirational. / Via Eurovision / EBU / BBC

    4. So special. So memorable.

    Some beautiful lyrics tonight. *wipes tear from eye. #eurovision

    5. They also looked like the Teletubbies.

    6. Switzerland just had dirty dirty dirty lyrics.

    Switzerland, you're sharing too much about yourself. Stop. #EurovisionSongContest2014

    7. There was some hot Greek trampolining action.

    8. Russia got their hair tangled for some reason. / Via Eurovision / BBC / EBU

    9. Romania came dressed as Saturn.

    10. Germany didn't seem to make that much sense at all.

    #Germany: Right or Wrong. That's the way to finish #Eurovision

    11. Poland provided really useful drinking advice.

    12. The guitarist from France's performance seemed familiar.

    Just found who the French guitarist was #Eurovision

    13. But then Conchita came on and she was mesmerising.

    14. She ended her performance like this. / Via EBU

    15. And you can tell that she really enjoyed herself.

    Freaky Fortune with Conchita! #eurovision #joinus #eurovisiongr #foustanela #frakyfortune #riseup #conchita

    16. The presenters decided to thank Graham Norton for some reason and this made everything really rather awkward. / Eurovision / BBC / EBU

    But what was about to come was so much worse.

    17. UK act Molly's interview went like this. Eurovision / EBU / BBC

    She was then presented with a cake from London's Borough Market for no reason.

    18. Molly was then asked very precise questions about her family and she must have been thinking...

    19. And then it was time for the voting. Whenever Russia won any points this happened.

    20. And when Russia gave out their votes... well, you guessed it. Everyone booed really loudly. / BBC / Eurovision / EBU

    21. And Finland rapped.

    22. But then Conchita Wurst was announced the winner of Eurovision 2014. This was her reaction.

    23. Her acceptance speech: “This night is dedicated to everyone who believes in a future of peace and freedom. You know who you are. We are unity. And we are unstoppable.” Eurovision / BBC / EBU

    24. Well done Conchita. Europe loves you.