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    Every Food On The Malone Family Cushion In “Googlebox”, Analysed

    After I spotted this whilst watching Gogglebox, I decided to document every food we see. I really hope this wasn't a waste of time.

    1. Five or six doughnuts (possibly jam - unconfirmed).

    2. Five muffins presented on a red plate (likely plain).

    3. Selection of sweets in medium sized perspex bowl.

    4. Mystery box.

    5. A BROWN Mystery Box.

    6. Selection box of Viennese biscuits (box is in mint condition so it suggests that it is not opened yet).

    7. Bakewell tarts or Party Rings? This requires public consultation to get to the bottom of this right now.

    8. Large slabs of chocolate cake presented on flat plate (likely to be homemade due to cake's height).

    9. The rubbish quality street that nobody likes.

    10. Half a plate of battenburg cakes and a biscuit or American style cookies (requires investigation).

    11. One mini roll OR chocolate wafer biscuits (including chocolate bar that contains a mini egg topping).

    12. Several unopened biscuits decanted into a bowl.

    13. Six different varieties of chocolate bars decanted into a bowl (approximately twenty bars in total).

    14. A selection of what looks like light cakes (speculation that these are French fancies but not).

    15. Tunnock teacakes presented in a bowl along with possibly snowballs (or wrapped in tissue?)

    16. Four caramel wafers (and some blue ones that look like they've got the word PENIS on them).

    17. Three large donuts on a luxurious paper square.

    18. One packet of tissues - unconfirmed what brand.


    20. Possibly mince pies but actually might be lemon curd pies as this scene was not at Christmas.

    21. I don't know.

    22. A remote control (probably Freeview).

    23. Why the hell did I decide to do this?

    24. All your hopes and dreams.

    25. And halfway through series four... Oh my god.

    This cannot be real.

    Oh my god.

    Update: When I published this I got this tweet.

    Shortly followed by this.


    We have been alerted to the fact that the Quality Street is not for consumption. It actually contains a sewing kit. Thanks to everyone who pointed this out.