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    Val From "Bake Off" Needs To Meet Ed Sheeran As Soon As Possible

    Even if you are not a fan of Sheeran, you might want this to happen.

    Val was one of the best on Bake Off last year. Her love of baking, her enthusiasm for life and her dancing can't be beat. Then there's her love for Ed Sheeran...

    And she's been keen to meet Sheeran for ages.

    Thank you one and all and if you here is anyone ou to here who can tempt Ed Sheeran to sing for me I'll make them a cake every week for life

    Last month, whilst making sausage rolls and listening to Sheeran, Val made this video about love and life. It went huge on Instagram and Twitter.

    Here's what the video said, if you didn't play it.

    And Ed Sheeran actually responded to her.

    @valstones this is beautiful and exactly the reason why I make music. Thank you x

    And then Val responded with this.

    @edsheeran I write poetry , Your lyrics are poetry with music 😘

    Val then said thank you to Sheeran in another video.

    But alas, they didn't meet.

    She even tried to bribe Sheeran into meeting her by baking him a huge pile of sausage rolls.

    Dear Ed Sheeran my sausage rolls are the best , leave a contact address with Vivienne Clore and I will send you some

    Note: Vivienne Clore is her agent.

    Then last Friday, Val and Ed Sheeran were presenting for Comic Relief, albeit at different locations at the O2.

    And they were close to each other. Val was presenting from a pizza restaurant. Sheeran was performing in a room only three minutes away from her.

    But alas, they did not meet.

    And the morning after Val shared this devastating tweet from Paddington train station.

    Sat on Paddington station waiting for a train back home , so sad I didn't get to meet Ed Sheeran perhaps another ti…

    I don't know why, but a photo of Val with balloons alone really got to me.

    When asked why they didn't meet, she responded: "I was making puddings... and didn't get back until he had left 😢"

    Val needs to meet Sheeran. It must happen. It has to happen. Other Bake Off contestants have now started to get involved in this campaign too.

    Rav too.

    She tweeted this when she heard that Ed Sheeran was going to be playing at Glastonbury Festival.

    But she couldn't get tickets :/

    Please make them meet each other.


    Update: A representative for Ed Sheeran has been contacted to ask if they can meet. We will update if we hear back.