Here Is Some Footage Of A Dog Attempting To Fly A Plane

    Dogs Might Fly on Sky 1 consists of rescue dogs being taught how to fly light aircraft. Ahead of the final episode, here is footage of the dog in the cockpit.

    Yes, you read that headline right.

    This rescue dog, Shadow, is flying light aircraft 3000ft in the air and at approximately 130 miles an hour.

    Shadow's trainer, animal expert Charlotte Wilde, is positioned in the back seat. She presses buttons, which emit lights and noises in front of Shadow, directing him where to turn.

    This teaser ahead of Sunday's show features the dog attempting to make a "figure of eight" above Berkshire.

    View this video on YouTube / Via OSF / Group M / Sky One

    The show claims there were months of training to make this work.

    The whole stunt has been masterminded by animal behaviourist Mark Vette, who trained several dogs to drive a car in New Zealand in 2012.

    This plane stunt is the climax of Dogs Might Fly, which has consisted of various experiments by professionals to test dog empathy, communication, and intelligence.

    Some of the experiments didn't work as planned. In one, the dogs had to try to position a box underneath some string containing a treat, without any instruction.

    The first dog played with the string and failed.

    The second dog failed and then took a shit :/

    The third dog pulled the box away from the treat.

    But then managed to do it!

    One challenge even featured a dog learning music instruments before performing in a "music video."

    Here they are performing Pharrell's "Happy."

    You can watch the video here. This show is so goddamn strange.

    Dogs Might Fly will be on Sky 1 this Sunday at 7pm.