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15 Times Companies On Twitter Literally Didn't Give A Shit

"My Valentine's cards still haven't arrived." "Sorry to hear that. When exactly did your mum post them?"

1. When Virgin Trains didn't mess around.

2. When London Overground offered advice.

3. When Royal Mail tried to help a customer.

4. When Tesco Mobile didn't like the joke.

5. When East Coast Trains was a little sarcastic.

6. When a customer asked for a free milkshake.

7. When someone thought BBC Three was closing for good, rather than just moving online.

8. When Metropolitan Police Service helicopters didn't care about noise complaints during a police operation.

9. When Tesco Customer Care did a bit of body-shaming.

10. When Tesco Mobile got sassy to a competitor.

11. When Lidl didn't care when Zayn left One Direction.

12. When the Washington Post wasn't messing around.

13. When Deadspin really wasn't messing around.

14. When the Labour party and the Lib Dems got sarcastic when the coalition government was in power.

15. And when BBC Three and E4 went all in.