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    This Ridiculous Dating Show Where People Undress Each Other Makes No Sense

    Undressed on TLC UK consists of people undressing each other while answering personal questions. Here's why it doesn't work.

    So there's a new "dating" show in the UK right now where people are told to do this when they first meet.

    Why? "Matched for their compatibility, they'll undergo a unique dating experiment in a quest to find love."

    On Undressed, people undress each other in an empty studio next to a large double bed like this.

    They then lie on the bed in just their underwear.

    And are made to talk about "feelings" in front of the World's Most Threatening PowerPoint Presentation.

    The odd thing about this show is it doesn't work. Take Sam. He likes the person he is matched with.

    But having them undress each other makes it more awkward, not less. They undress each other in such a formal way it's like they're dismantling a wardrobe.

    This just doesn't work.

    Oh, and it gets worse.

    They then choose whether they want to see each other again using a screen near the bed. And then it shows them both what the other has said anyway.


    Guys, we have officially run out of dating show ideas.

    Undressed is on TLC UK on Fridays at 10pm.