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    There's Just Been Another Dog On BBC News

    Welcome back Bounce, and say hello to Daniel the Spaniel.

    Bounce the dog returned to the BBC News studio on Wednesday.

    Bounce, who was referred to as a "spokesdog", first appeared on our screens back in February following the publication of a report that claimed dogs can tell the difference between happy and sad faces.

    On his return to the news studio, he wasn't exactly in the mood to sit still.

    It is almost Christmas after all.

    Earlier in the day, BBC News viewers were greeted with the sight of Daniel the spaniel.

    Daniel was on TV with his owner Deena following a scientific report by Royal Society Open Science that dogs may be able to feel empathy.

    Daniel the Spaniel looked a bit scared tbh.

    We even saw Daniel from ABOVE.

    He was also not properly media trained.

    The news story was also accompanied with photos of dogs, like these dogs wearing party hats.

    And these dogs in festive jumpers.

    What a proud day.

    Bounce caused quite the stir when he first appeared on the news earlier this year.

    Bounce was such a diva.

    (Thanks to @journodave for alerting me to this important news story)