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The BBC Uses A Shopping Trolley To Help With Their Olympics Coverage And It's Splendid

America, this is how you present the Olympics.

While watching Clare Balding presenting the BBC's Olympics coverage, you might be wondering what on earth it is she's standing next to when she's talking.

BBC / Via

Yes, that's right. It's a trolley.

BBC / Via

And it's there to help the BBC broadcast of the Olympics.

Whenever Clare Balding goes to air the trolley is nearby. Here's what it looks like behind the scenes.

Did a bit of celeb spotting earlier today. @clarebalding doing sterling work in the rain #RIOSpeedwagon

You might be wondering: Why is it there? What is the logic in this?

Well, in a video uploaded by BBC Sport, we were treated to a tour of the trolley. The trolley includes "a drinks cabinet", which according to Balding is for "water".

BBC / Via Twitter: @BBCSport

Drinks cabinets are not usually for water, Clare.

At the back there's a cooler for "cooling" things.

BBC / Via Twitter: @BBCSport


It contains not one but TWO umbrellas.

BBC / Via Twitter: @BBCSport

So British.

On the top of the trolley is a space where Clare Balding can leave and write her notes.

BBC / Via Twitter: @BBCSport

This is actually a little bit ingenious. I'm admiring the flat bit of the trolley.

And finally, there's a holder for snacks.

BBC / Via Twitter: @BBCSport

I'm confused because some of the orange peel goes back into the bin with the oranges in. This seems to be a bit of an organisational mess. 3/10.

You've got to admire that while some broadcasters spend a lot of money on making their Olympic coverage look as sexy as possible, the BBC decides to use a shopping trolley and doesn't seem to care that we see it all the time.

And why a TV screen on the trolley? Well the trolley was used in the 2014 Sochi Games and Balding explained at the time that "because we've got a TV screen it means people coming by and come and watch the action, have a bit of a chat."


"It makes it much friendlier for all of us."

Very nice. Very British.

But it will never not look weird.

Miserable weather here in Rio. The trolley is taking shelter under a bridge #RIOSpeedwagon


Meanwhile, Mark Chapman is on Copacabana Beach, accompanied with a bin.

BBC / Via

BuzzFeed asked the BBC whether the trolley is nicked from an Asda or something and will update when we hear back.

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