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    31 Wonderfully Bizarre Moments From The Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony

    A gay kiss! Dancing teacakes! A baton that didn't work properly!

    THE ENTIRE WORLD descended on to Celtic Park in Glasgow on Thursday night to be awed by the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony.

    1. It started with John Barrowman blasting his way into the stadium through a giant green kilt.

    2. It was a bit... crazy.

    BBC /

    That's right, he had a Scottish accent.

    3. This happened not long after.

    4. It was a bit of a random opening, to be honest.

    5. Especially the bit where this guy ran around with no kilt on.

    6. But it was wonderfully Scottish.

    7. Suddenly, out of nowhere, THIS happened!

    8. And everyone was overjoyed.

    Well done Scotland. John Barrowman in a same-sex kiss during the opening ceremony. Small, but significant act. #CommonwealthGames

    First a gay kiss now multiple gingers on national TV - #Glasgow2014 really is breaking down the discrimination barriers!!!

    9. This was followed by the weirdest selfie of all time.

    10. That's right, it's the Loch Ness monster.

    11. Followed by children and cardboard sheep.

    12. And chair dancing.

    13. And barrel throwing. BARREL THROWING.

    Yes, slag off opening ceremony, but let's face it, if any of us were asked it would be like that Simpsons episode where Homer designs a car

    14. The Queen literally drove into the stadium.

    Would have been cooler and more scottish if Queen had arrived on her drugged up horse #CommonwealthGames

    15. Susan Boyle forgot her words during her performance.

    Susan Boyle gets about 2 seconds into Mull of Kintyre and forgets the words. Awkward

    16. But it did look absolutely beautiful outside.

    17. Then it was time for the athletes to come out, but OMFG there were DOGS leading out each country.

    18. And they kind of stole the show.

    19. In fact, "kinda" is an understatement.

    20. Seriously now.

    It would seem the #CommonwealthGames #ScottieDogs are stealing the show. Here's a peak of team #Scotland chaperone!

    Tomorrow evening's walk is going to be quite a let-down for these dogs.

    21. Then the parade. Some of the athletes recorded their entrance to the stadium on their iPads.

    Taking photos on an iPad during an opening ceremony: nope.

    22. And others made the dreadful mistake of actually talking on the phone.

    BBC /

    23. Or they held their phone like this.

    Any athletes seen filming the opening ceremony, with a phone portrait rather than landscape, should be disqualified:

    24. And then Scotland proudly marched through.

    25. And while some people were not impressed by the ceremony...

    This is not what Mel Gibson died for #Glasgow2014

    Pros: Gay kiss. Tea cakes. Dogs. Cons: Everything else. #openingceremony #CommonwealthGames #BBCGlasgow2014

    26. Everyone could agree that James McAvoy's eyes are absolutely everything.

    27. Sir Chris Hoy ran with the baton to meet the Queen. It was the climax of the whole night.

    28. Problem? The top of the baton wouldn't come off.

    29. The Queen was not impressed at this moment.


    Blimey, that was like trying to solve a Rubik's cube! #phew

    31. Still, could have been worse.

    I never thought I'd be able to stand in the Celtic Board Room in front of the trophy case. . . with no pants.