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15 Times "Gogglesprogs" Proved Kids Are The Heroes We All Need

"If Nandos is closing down, I will have a one man riot."

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1. When a documentary about Donald Trump claimed that he was a bully at school.

Studio Lambert and Andrew Milligan / PA / Via

2. When Sarah Palin asked this important question.

Studio Lambert and C-SPAN / Via

3. This truthbomb when they watched The Snowman.

TVC London / Channel 4

4. When Ed Miliband resigned as Labour leader in the aftermath of the 2015 General Election.

Matt Cardy / Getty Images

5. When this point was said about Mary Poppins.

Studio Lambert and Disney / Via

6. When there was an argument about a pink flamingo jacket during Sewing Bee and this point was made.

Love Productions and Studio Lambert / Via and

7. When Princess Leia wore a bikini in Star Wars.

Star Wars / Studio Lambert / Via

8. When Dotty and Macy worked out a fundamental flaw in this relationship in Made in Chelsea.

Monkey and Studio Lambert / Via

9. When Ashton explained why there should never be a President of the United Kingdom.

Studio Lambert / Via

10. When Darcy identified a flaw on Countdown.

Studio Lambert and ITV Studios / Via and

11. When Ashton and Darcy decided to debate Britain voting to leave the European Union.

Studio Lambert / Via

12. When a discussion on Britain leaving the European Union led to this very important point.

Studio Lambert and Dan Kitwood / Getty Images / Via

13. When they were made to watch Take Me Out.

Studio Lambert and Talkback Thames / Via and

14. At the start of a Nigella episode.

Studio Lambert / Via

15. And more seriously, when there was a documentary about the migrant crisis and they discussed the issue better than most adults.

Studio Lambert / Via

16. And criticised the lack of action taken by adults.

Studio Lambert / Via

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