People Are Mad At This Border Wall–Building Task On “Celebrity Big Brother”

    Housemates dressed up as border officials to ensure that nobody stole "green cards" from the middle of the garden.

    This year’s Celebrity Big Brother has a presidential theme thanks to Stormy Daniels casting as one of the housemates. Despite her reportedly pulling out of the show on the day of the launch, producers have stuck with the theme.

    Kirstie Alley was appointed President of the house on the show's first day. Last night she announced a task where housemates had to construct a wall to protect the Big Brother house and prevent intruders from getting a “green card.”

    The housemates were then asked to build the wall in the garden, separating the house in two.

    Natalie Nunn vetoed from building the wall, saying "This is not OK" and "It's so disgusting for me."

    Housemates then dressed as border officials and paired up in order to monitor the wall and ensure that intruders did not collect the "green card."

    While monitoring the wall alongside Hardeep Singh Kohli, Nunn then made this “joke.”

    A member of the production team, dressed up as Trump, then jumped over the wall and got a green card before the housemates were able to stop him.

    The challenge continued for the rest of the evening, with intruders dressing up as Melania Trump and the Queen and attempting to get cards.

    A lot of viewers commented that the game made light of a serious issue, after hundreds of families were separated at the border between America and Mexico.

    People said that it was making a "mockery" of people's lives and making light of a serious issue.

    no offence but this whole president trump parody is actually shite. its making a mockery of actual institutionalised racism in the US & its just not funny at all. i will say that i love natalie’s reactions tho #cbbuk #cbb

    Tbh I don’t like that they are “building the wall” this is real this is people’s lives... etc etc... don’t find it funny #CBB

    The whole "building a wall" and "green card" task was a horrible idea and really distasteful. You should be ashamed of yourselves. #CelebrityBigBrother #CBB

    Actually cannot believe how distasteful #CBB is having the house mates build a damn wall. Disgusting.

    #CBB anyone else think it’s vile to make a joke of the border wall and have them all acting as border guards, when we know how border guards are separating kids from their families in the US?!

    I'm sorry, but I get where Natalie is coming from. The wall is a major deal in the US, and it's fucking repulsive, and not something she can joke about giving what's happening in her country. I'd do the exact same thing. #CBBUK #cbb

    This isn’t the first time the show has come under fire since launching last week. Over the weekend, one of the contestants, Rodrigo Alves, said the n-word twice casually to another housemate.

    However, producers decided not to not remove him for the house, instead issuing him with a final warning. Many viewers said that this decision was the wrong one.

    Big Brother does not tolerate the use of highly offensive, racially charged language in the House. Rodrigo has received a formal and final warning and if he uses such language again, he will be removed immediately. Rodrigo has apologised for his comments. #CBB

    Ten years ago, a contestant on Big Brother was immediately removed from the house for saying the word only moments after it was said.

    Celebrity Big Brother producers responded to BuzzFeed News in regards to Alves' comments and reiterated the statement in the tweet above. They declined to comment on the border wall challenge.