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We Really Need To Talk About Candice On "Bake Off" This Year

She deserves to go all the way.

So there have been a lot of people on the internet expressing their love for Selasi and Val during Bake Off this season.

But the real gem of this series has been Candice.

1. She stands out not JUST because of her promise to wear different lipstick every episode that she's in.

2. I've checked, and she's stuck to her promise.

3. But she's so much more than just her lipstick. For one thing, she's just so honest about everything. It's bloody refreshing.

4. AND this moment looks so great as a GIF.

5. And so many of the best moments of Bake Off this year so far have literally been down to her.

6. She was also responsible for the goddamn best sexual innuendo Bake Off has ever had.

7. And like 10 seconds before that, this happened.

8. This exchange about Jaffa Cakes was ALSO one of the best exchanges this series so far.

9. Listen to the way that she threw her sponge. / Via Love Productions / BBC


I can't stop listening to the sound it makes. So gloopy.

10. And more seriously, she didn't have the best start on Bake Off, with her "mirror mirror" mirror cake.

It got an absolutely scathing review from Paul.

11. And it's been a bit of a roller coaster. She's had some dramatic highs and lows.

But you can tell that she's giving each competition her ALL, and taking in all the constructive criticism.

12. So when she gets a great review, it feels so much more important than when others get good reviews.

13. And then there is the gingerbread house, which genuinely I think is one of the best things we've seen all series.

She totally deserved Star Baker for it.

So much so, it's happened twice.

14. She has the potential to go far in the competition. Never stop being yourself, Candice. What a hero you are.