Can You Tell Which One Is The Real Channel 5 Documentary?

Channel 5 is known for incredibly dramatic documentary names. But can you tell which of these are real, and which ones are fake?

1. Channel 5 have incredibly odd named documentaries.

Channel 5 /

But can you tell which Channel 5 documentary is the real one?

  1. 1. Which Channel 5 documentary is real?

    It really isn’t as easy as you think.

    1. The Man Whose Face Forgot
    2. The Man With Umbrellas For Hands
    3. The Girl With Seven Mums
    4. The Unforgettable Walrus Sex Crisis
  2. 2. Okay. Which one of these are real?
    1. Autopsy: The Last Hours Of Whitney Houston
    2. Autopsy: The Last Hours Of Adolf Hitler
    3. Autopsy: The Last Hours Of Jebediah Springfield
    4. Autopsy: The Last Hours Of Tony Blair
  3. 3. Right. Here's another one.
    1. World’s Most Intense Cake Decorations
    2. World’s Most Complicated Karate Injuries
    3. World’s Most Horrifyingly Intense Roller Coaster Accidents
    4. World’s Scariest Animal Attacks 2
  4. 4. How about this one?
    1. Toy Story: The True Story
    2. Close Encounters Of The Third Kind: The True Story
    3. Dumbo: The True Story
    4. World War Z: The True Story
  5. 5. See, it really isn't that easy is it?
    1. I Lost Weight But Lost My Husband
    2. I Ate All The Chocolate And Now I’ve Lost My Kids
    3. The Man Who Stabbed Al Gore With A Grapefruit
    4. Britain’s Sexiest Hitler Impersonator
  6. 6. Here's another.
    1. Mystery Of The Vampire Sex Hunter
    2. World’s Most Difficult Orgasm
    3. Britain’s Most Shocking Bras
    4. Nigel Marven’s Giant Snake Invasion
  7. 7. And another.
    1. Nazi Quest For The Holy Grail
    2. Nazi Secret Golden Penis
    3. Hitler’s Favourite Extreme Fishing Challenges
    4. Nazis Nazis Nazis Nazis Nazis Nazis
  8. 8. Which one of these are real?
    1. Nazi Titanic
    2. Nazi Bermuda Triangle
    3. Nazis All Go On Holiday
    4. Nazis Home And Away
  9. 9. And this one.
    1. An Audience With Michael Parkinson
    2. An Audience With Cliff Richard
    3. An Audience With Jim Davidson
    4. An Audience With Hitler
  10. 10. And finally, this one.
    1. Where Did All These Hitler Impersonators Come From?
    2. There’s A Rhino In My House!
    3. Help All My Illegal Children Have Exploded
    4. Britain’s Most Exciting Petrol Stations

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