Can You Tell The "Doctor Who" Episode From Just One Still?

We're only using stills since the show was rebooted in 2005, as otherwise this quiz would be frankly impossible for most of us to solve.

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  1. 1. Let's start with an easy one.

    Doctor Who / Via BBC
    The Impossible Astronaut.

    The one when The Doctor "dies" after being shot by something in a space suit. Nixon makes a cameo and we find out that he isn't that bad a guy.

    Daleks in Manhattan.

    It's the Great Depression and homeless people in New York keep going missing. It is then revealed that the Daleks are behind it.

    Asylum of the Daleks.

    It's the first time that we see Clara, who likes making soufflés (but then she dies). Amy and Rory are also properly divorced, which is sad :(

  2. 2. This one isn't too hard either.

    Doctor Who / Via BBC
    Day of the Moon.

    This episode consists of a fight back against The Silence. Have you ever seen The Silence? Of course you have. You just can't remember seeing them.

    Silence in the Library.

    Whatever you do don't go into the shadows, as the Vashta Nerada will eat you. The Doctor meets River Song for the very first time (not her first tme though).

    The Wedding of River Song.

    This episode opens with River jumping from the top of a skyscraper and into the TARDIS swimming pool. The Doctor tells River his real name.

  3. 3. This one shouldn't be that difficult either.

    Doctor Who / Via BBC
    Closing Time.

    The Doctor starts to investigate electrical disturbances in a department store, which turn out to be Cybermen. It's the episode with James Corden in it.

    The Angels Take Manhattan.

    THAT episode when Amy and Rory leave THAT show in THAT graveyard. And when the Statue of Liberty turns out to be a huge weeping angel with a :( face.

    The God Complex.

    It's the episode when many of the characters are trapped in a dodgy 1980s hotel. Why is it so dodgy? Well a minotaur is trying to kill them.

  4. 4. Now let's make it a bit harder.

    BBC / Via Doctor Who
    The Doctor Dances.

    It's the second part of that terrifying WWII "Are you my mummy?" story in the 2005 series. Good news: Nobody dies.

    The End of Time.

    "I don't want to go!" Tennant's appearance as The Doctor. He's constantly warned that four knocks will precede his death. The knocks come from Wilfred.

    The Christmas Invasion.

    Christmas trees start to whir like chainsaws and Harriet Jones (you know, she used to be the MP for Flydale North) upsets The Doctor by blowing stuff up.

  5. 5. And harder.

    Doctor Who / Via BBC
    The Girl in the Fireplace.

    The Doctor appears at different points in the life of Madame de Pompadour's life. Who is she? She's the mistress of King Louis XV!


    The very first episode of the rebooted franchise in 2005, Mannequins go a little AWOL, thereby freaking people out in the streets.

    Bad Wolf.

    It's the one when an Anne Robinson "Anne Droid" routinely kills people as part of The Weakest Link. Trinny and Susannah guest star.

  6. 6. And harder.

    Doctor Who / Via BBC
    Vincent and the Doctor.

    Amy and The Doctor live with Van Gogh. It's also the episode where Bill Nighy makes a cameo in a fancy art gallery. Van Gogh cries a little when he goes to the future.

    The Bells of Saint John.

    We learn about the perils of connecting to an unprotected Wi-Fi signal. The Doctor also rides up the side of The Shard on an anti-gravity motorbike.

    The Big Bang.

    The TARDIS has blown up with The Doctor inside whilst Amy Pond has been shot. Oh and the universe is collapsing in on itself.

  7. 7. And harder.

    Doctor Who / Via BBC
    The Lodger.

    It's the episode when you see The Doctor play football. He's also a bit naked in parts. It's the first episode you see Craig (aka James Corden).

    The Eleventh Hour.

    The first episode with Matt Smith as The Doctor. We're also introduced to Amelia, Rory and that almighty crack in the universe.

    Father's Day.

    Rose Tyler decides to go and change time, but this accidentally sparks a paradox. We learn to never change time. NEVER.

  8. 8. Yep. It's more difficult than you think.

    Doctor Who / Via BBC
    Dinosaurs on a Spaceship.

    Pretty much says what it does on the tin. This is also one of the episodes that features Brian Williams, Rory's Dad.

    Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS.

    The TARDIS starts acting all wibbily wobbly and breaks down on a salvage ship. You get to see some of the other rooms of the TARDIS. We also think that Clara is going to die (again).

    Cold War.

    It's the middle of the Cold War. A submarine begins sinking and an Ice Warrior is going a little bit crazy inside. Clara and The Doctor try to prevent a nuclear war from breaking out.

  9. 9. Oh my goodness.

    Doctor Who / Via BBC
    Boom Town.

    The TARDIS parks itself next to the Cardiff Rift. The Doctor then runs into Margaret Blaine, the mayor for Cardiff, who just happens to be a Slitheen.

    The End of the World.

    It's the episode when Rose saw Earth explode. You also saw the Face of Boe and the words "moisturise me, moisturise me!" before Cassandra explodes.

    Aliens of London.

    It's the one where a spaceship crashes into Big Ben and you hear a lot of Slitheens farting.

  10. 10. We're more than halfway there.

    Doctor Who / Via BBC
    Partners in Crime.

    Cute friendly tubs of body fat start popping out of people's stomachs. They end up floating in the sky into a spaceship.

    The Unicorn and the Wasp.

    Starring Agatha Christie (obvs) The Doctor and Donna arrives on the day that she disappears for 10 days. They find a Vespiform, an alien wasp.

    Turn Left.

    It's basically an episode where we see all the things that could have gone wrong if The Doctor wasn't here with us (spoiler alert: everything).

  11. 11. You're doing OK.

    Doctor Who / Via BBC
    The Beast Below.

    The entie population of Earth has been evacuated because of solar flares. In the engines controlling a space ship lies a creature and The Doctor has to make a difficult decision.


    The one with the Weeping Angels. "Listen. Your life could depend on this. Don't blink. Don't even blink. Blink and you're dead."

    The Shakespeare Code.

    Whatever happened to Shakespeare's "Love's Labour's Won"? In this episode you find out. The episode also ends with three witches trapped in a crystal ball.

  12. 12. We're now more than halfway there.

    Doctor Who / Via BBC
    The Sound of Drums.

    The Master becomes prime minister and introduces and alien species called Toclafane to Earth. One-tenth of the population is killed.

    Let's Kill Hitler.

    It's the episode in which we find out more about River Song and where robots shout "Welcome. You are unauthorised. Your death will now be implemented."

    The Crimson Horror.

    Madame Vastra and her wife Jenny investigate a community in Yorkshire where nothing is what it seems. There are secret plans to poison the skies.

  13. 13. Soon everything will be over.

    Doctor Who / Via BBC
    The Pandorica Opens.

    Pretty much does what it says on the tin. There's a Pandorica under Stonehenge which will opens to prison the most feared thing in the Universe... oh wait it's for The Doctor.

    The Time of Angels.

    OH GOD the Weeping Angels. Amy looks into the eyes of a Weeping Angel on a television set and feels like something is in her eye.

    A Good Man Goes to War.

    "Demons run when a good man goes to war. Night will fall and drown the sun. When a good man goes to war." PLUS...a birth.

  14. 14. The Doctor is sad here. WHAT EPISODE?

    Doctor Who / BBC Wales
    Amy's Choice.

    The TARDIS has been taken control over by The Dream Lord and The Doctor, Rory and Amy can't decide whether they are in a dream or not.

    The Doctor's Wife.

    The Doctor meets a human incarnation of the iconic TARDIS, when the TARDIS shuts down on an asteroid planet.

    The Day of the Doctor.

    You know... the 50th Anniversary episode? It's the one when Tom Baker makes a little cameo and shouts "You know I really think you might?" Got it? GOOD.

  15. 15. I'm so sorry.

    Doctor Who / Via BBC

    "This is the story of how I died." Yes, THAT episode. It ends with The Doctor and Rose being separated by a wall followed by a lot of crying on a beach.

    Rise of the Cybermen.

    Mickey, Rose, and The Doctor land in a parallel Earth, and everyone wears a device called EarPod. It turns out the company making them are super evil and a party is invaded by Cybermen.

    The Next Doctor.

    Is David Morrissey the Eleventh Doctor? No, but he thinks he is. This is the Tennant Christmas Day special from 2008.

  16. 16. This is the final one. Promise.

    Doctor Who / Via BBC
    The Stolen Earth.

    The Doctor is shot by a Dalek when he sees Rose when the Earth is nicked, leading to what appears to be at first a "full generation."

    World War Three.

    This is the second part of the Slitheen at No. 10 episode. The Slitheen try to trigger WWIII by getting some activation codes, only for Mickey to save the day.

    Journey's End.

    It's the episode when Donna gets overwhelmed with Time Lord knowledge so has to have all of her memories wiped. The Doctor can never see her again.

Can You Tell The "Doctor Who" Episode From Just One Still?

Oh dear. You really are "Mickey the Idiot."

You really don't know anywhere near as much Doctor Who as you should. Go back and watch every single. BBC Three (who show an episode every 45 minutes), is a good place to start.

Oh dear. You really are "Mickey the Idiot."
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Well done. You have a good understanding of Doctor Who.

You're just as savvy as Craig Owens, who is quite scared of Doctor Who at first but in the end quite likes him. If he swings by your flat late at night needing somewhere to stay, you will let him in with a cup of tea.

Well done. You have a good understanding of Doctor Who.
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Wow. You really know a lot about The Doctor, don't you? In fact, he's trying to get you to reveal a lot more about the future but you're staying schtum.

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You know so much about Doctor Who, like K-9.

You know absolutely everything about The Doctor. Not only this, but you are a loyal friend. "Affirmative" you will squeak back, because you already knew that.

You know so much about Doctor Who, like K-9.
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You truly are the Face of Boe.

You know so much. You are so wise. You basically live as long as time. AND you were Jack Harkness' future. We are surrounded by a true great person.

You truly are the Face of Boe.
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