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A Devastating Cake Disaster Just Happened On "The Great British Bake Off"

And the cake looks like all of our crushed dreams.

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Oh no I can't bear it. Please don't cry. #GBBO

Oh poor Dorett! Don't cry! (She's definitely out this week). #GBBO

Update from Dad on how the family are reacting to #GBBO.


The world would be a happier place if Sue Perkins was there to console you everytime you got upset #GBBO


"I call it a 'Sit On It, Then Throw It On The Floor, Then Scrape It Up With An Old Shoe Surprise'." #GBBO

If a cake ever represented my life: #GBBO

how I feel stood next to my friends #GBBO


Basically the lesson of this week's #GBBO is never wear a hat indoors


Who, let’s say, wasn’t that popular.

Stu's glad he's out, before the series went mainstream. #GBBO

Hats off to Stu. No, really, take the f**king hat off. #GBBO