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A Devastating Cake Disaster Just Happened On "The Great British Bake Off"

And the cake looks like all of our crushed dreams.

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So the showstopper challenge in the first new episode of Bake Off was a Black Forest gâteau, and all the cakes were coming along really rather well.

Apart from Dorret's cake. The mousse in her cake wasn't setting quickly enough.

And she only had thirty minutes to rectify the situation.

Oh no I can't bear it. Please don't cry. #GBBO

Oh poor Dorett! Don't cry! (She's definitely out this week). #GBBO

Update from Dad on how the family are reacting to #GBBO.

The world would be a happier place if Sue Perkins was there to console you everytime you got upset #GBBO

"I call it a 'Sit On It, Then Throw It On The Floor, Then Scrape It Up With An Old Shoe Surprise'." #GBBO

If a cake ever represented my life: #GBBO

how I feel stood next to my friends #GBBO

Basically the lesson of this week's #GBBO is never wear a hat indoors

Who, let’s say, wasn’t that popular.

Stu's glad he's out, before the series went mainstream. #GBBO

Hats off to Stu. No, really, take the f**king hat off. #GBBO

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