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The 13 Most Cringeworthy Moments Of The Brit Awards 2016

What a weird, weird night.

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Not awkward at all.


i hope years & years change their twitter name to 'the other one'


11. It led to people doing this on Twitter.

I'M SO PROUD!!!!!! 😭😍😍 Jaaaa! #BRITs2016 #Brits #BRITVIDONEDIRECTION


13. And ITV bleeped nearly every single thing that Adele said with the exception of her saying the word "FUCK".

Dear @ITV if you're muting the swear words... Make sure you actually mute the swear words! @brits #BRITs2016 @Adele

All by accident, obviously.

It was all better in the '90s, wasn't it?

In 2000 STEPS won a @brits Award for 'Best Live Act'. They told us we had to pay £500 each for one. I told them to get stuffed ! #BRITs2016