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Charlie Brooker On This Fucking Awful Year: "I Don't Want To Sit Through 2016 Twice, Thanks"

When being asked about making the upcoming Wipe 2016 special this Christmas, Brooker joked to BuzzFeed UK: "I've been deliberately not watching the news because I know I have to watch it all again."

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One of the highlights of the Christmas season is Wipe, where Charlie Brooker, Philomena Cunk, and Barry Shitpeas review everything that happened that year.

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2016 of course has been a *bit* of a year.

2016: in which even the Great British Bake Off now somehow has the scent of death drifting through it.

When asked about Wipe 2016, Brooker told BuzzFeed UK that he's starting work on the special soon and joked that he's avoiding the news as he doesn't want to watch 2016 twice.

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Many people have been missing Charlie Brooker's take on the news. His Weekly Wipe show did not return in 2016 because he was preoccupied with making the upcoming Black Mirror series for Netflix.

It makes you wonder if there should be a Black Mirror-style clone technology that could make two Charlie Brookers, one to work on Wipe and one to work on Black Mirror at the same time. Brooker responded: "That would be alarming. That would be like the Google Allo messaging service that learns how you talk and fills in messages in your style. So if we could come up with one of those for me.

"Basically, that would just be a depressed looking man moaning on his sofa. That’s Weekly Wipe. And Black Mirror is a depressed man looking mad sitting on a sofa moaning on his phone. So there’s not much tweaking between the models.”

Black Mirror and Wipe executive producers Annabel Jones and Brooker were also asked how on earth they were going to be able to squeeze 2016 into one hour. Brooker responded:

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He then suggested how the show might work.

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You can watch their answer here:

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Please make 2016 finish. Please.

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Black Mirror debuts on Netflix on 21 October. Wipe 2016 will be on BBC Two probably around Christmas.