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    "Black Mirror" Will Debut New Episodes On Netflix Just After Christmas

    What a way to end 2017.

    After teasing us with snippets forever, Netflix has finally titting announced when the fourth season of Black Mirror will be out: 29 December 2017.

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    That's six new stories, each of them very different from the last.

    Here's a recap of the upcoming episodes, in no particular order.

    1. Hang the DJ”, starring Georgina Campbell (Murdered by My Boyfriend), George Blagden (Versailles), and Joe Cole (Peaky Blinders). Written by Charlie Brooker.

    Black Mirror / Via

    This episode delves into the world of dating. The teaser suggests there's a technological device that works out, or can predict, when a relationship will come to an end.

    The tagline for this episode: "Find your perfect match."

    Black Mirror / Via Twitter: @blackmirror

    New 'Black Mirror' trailer for 'Hang the DJ' is unbearably intriguing

    2. "Metalhead", starring Maxine Peake (The Theory of Everything), Clint Dyer (Hope Springs), and Jake Davies (The Missing). Written by Charlie Brooker.

    Black Mirror / Via

    In this black and white and rather terrifying episode, we see Peake running the fuck away from a black dog after stumbling across something in a factory. Why? What is this dog? Why was it in a warehouse? Is it even a black dog?

    The tagline: "We found a dog at the warehouse."

    Black Mirror / Via Twitter: @blackmirror

    3. "U.S.S. Callister", starring Michaela Coel (Chewing Gum), Jimmi Simpson (House of Cards), Jesse Plemons (Black Mass), and Cristin Milioti (Wolf of Wall Street). Written by Charlie Brooker and William Bridges.

    Black Mirror / Netflix

    This feature-length Star Trek parody looks very much out of place compared with the others. The premise from Netflix is: "Join Captain Daly and his trusty crew as they explore the galaxy and the dangers of unknown alien planets." This trailer just makes you wonder what they aren't showing you.

    The tagline: "Dare to go where no one has gone before."

    4. "Black Museum", starring Letitia Wright (Humans), Douglas Hope (Catastrophe), and Babs Olusanmokun (The Defenders). Written by Charlie Brooker.

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @blackmirror

    In this episode, Wright visits a museum full of criminological artefacts, and is told by the curator that "if it did something bad, chances are it's in here." You slowly see her descend into a world full of madness, blood, and pain. Sounds fun.

    The tagline: "This place ain’t for the faint-hearted."

    Netflix / Black Mirror / Via Twitter: @blackmirror

    5. "Arkangel", starring Rosemarie DeWitt (Mad Men), Owen Teague (It), and Brenna Harding (Puberty Blues). Written by Charlie Brooker.

    Black Mirror / Netflix

    After DeWitt's daughter goes missing for a short period, we see a kid being injected with something. What is it? And why does her behaviour suddenly change? This is the episode that is directed by Jodie Foster, by the way.

    The tagline: "The key to good parenting."

    Netflix / Black Mirror

    6. "Crocodile", starring Kiran Sonia Sawar (Murdered by My Father), Andrea Riseborough (Birdman), and Andrew Gower (Outlander). Written by Charlie Brooker.

    Netflix / Black Mirror

    In this episode, we see Sawar using a device that allows access the memories of people she is interviewing, in relation to an incident that has just taken place. But for what purpose? And whose side is she really on?

    The tagline: "Memories can be subjective."

    Netflix / Black Mirror / Via Twitter: @blackmirror

    In conclusion...

    Me realizing why it’s called Black Mirror.😱📱

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