"Black Mirror: Bandersnatch" Is A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Film

    Yep, the rumours were actually true. It lives! (And, of course, no plot spoilers!)

    Yesterday, Netflix released a cryptic trailer for a new film called Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, which suggested that the new film could be a choose-your-own-adventure story.


    Today the film is out and, yes, it is one. You are given options throughout the film to choose what happens next.


    Now, the interactivity is not available on all platforms, such as Apple TV and some Smart TVs. However, it does work on iOS and other devices.

    When you have made your decision, the film continues uninterrupted. It does not fade to black and make you wait for the next part to load.


    That might not sound like a big deal but, trust me, when you watch it, it is. It feels like you're so much closer to the film rather than just playing some sort of game you have to crack.

    And if you don't make a decision, either because you run out of time or because you're terrified that your choice will lead to a negative outcome (I mean, this IS Black Mirror — that's natural) it will make a choice at random.

    In an interview with Variety, Black Mirror executive producers Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones said that there are five possible endings to the film. It is possible to do the film in 40 minutes, but the length of it can be up to 90.


    And, unlike every other Netflix film out there, once you have made your choice you are stuck with it to see it play out in full. You can't rewind to choose again, but (trying to resist spoilers here) some do-overs are possible, and you can start the whole thing all over again if you want.

    There's already been quite the reaction to it.


    this interactive black mirror film has me terrified like i can’t even make correct choices for my life how do you expect me to do it for others i’m- #Bandersnatch

    Just make sure you make the right choice.


    Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is now on Netflix.

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