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The "Big Brother" Contestants Found Out Theresa May Is Our PM And It Went As Badly As You Would Expect

Yes, Big Brother is still on television.

So as you know, the Big Brother contestants are cut off from all news from the outside world. Until last night, that is, when in a task they had to correctly guess what was happening in the news.

Channel 5 / Via

That actually isn't a newsreader asking the questions by the way. It's a contestant.

Well, they were dead, DEAD wrong.

Channel 5 / Via

It almost makes you wish you could be in Big Brother so you could shelter from the news of late.

BUT YOU WOULD BE WRONG. As the contestants were then asked if Theresa May is our new prime minister (which they all got wrong again by the way).

Channel 5 / Via

And one of the contestants then said this.

Channel 5 / Via

There are MANY things that are wrong here.

Channel 5 / Via


Oh, and that's before pointing out the obvious.

Channel 5 / Via

I despair.

Eleven years as PM... It's Margaret Thatcher, everyone!

Hulton Archive / Getty Images

Jackson was quickly corrected. / Via Big Brother /


Channel 5 / Via

Big Brother continues on Channel 5 tonight at 9pm.

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