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    18 Addictive Shows You Really Should Be Watching This Year

    Featuring Killing Eve, The End of the F**king World, Queer Eye, and more.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community, Twitter, and BuzzFeed staff to tell us the shows that they have loved this year so far. Here are just some of the recommendations we got.

    1. Killing Eve

    BBC America

    Watch it on: BBC America (US), BBC One (later this year)

    What it's about: Created by Phoebe-Waller Bridge, this dark drama follows Eve (Sandra Oh), an MI5 operative who becomes obsessed with the person she is supposed to track, Villanelle (Jodie Comer). Despite being a BBC show, it is yet to air in the United Kingdom. Please rectify this immediately.

    "It’s a cat-and-mouse detective show unlike any we’ve seen before."


    "It is a masterpiece. Dark, funny, addictive, with pithy dialogue and rock-solid performances by Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer. I guarantee it will be a pop-culture juggernaut."


    "Phenomenally captivating characters, stunning sets and locations, and a story that had my boyfriend and me on the edge of our seats, desperate for the next episode."


    2. The End of the F**king World

    Channel 4 / All 4

    Watch it on: Netflix and All 4 (UK)

    What it's about: Jamie (Alex Lawther) thinks that he is a psychopath and is desperate to kill, so he assumes that by running away with Alyssa (Jessica Barden) he can do just that. Don't be fooled by the premise: This show blossoms into a beautiful and wonderfully delicate drama, reflecting on how to deal with your past and move into your future, with quotes that will make you think for days.

    "<3" – bruhmezz

    3. The Staircase


    Watch it on: Netflix

    What it's about: Filmed over the course of 15 years, this documentary focuses on the trial of Michael Peterson and its consequences. Peterson, a writer from North Carolina, is accused of murdering his wife, Kathleen, after she is found dead at the bottom of a staircase. With the unpredictable nature of the case, not reading ahead is a must — read some nonspoiler reviews if you have to and then watch.

    "It really made me think twice about the media's coverage of murder trials."


    "It has so many twists and turns."


    4. Queer Eye

    Courtesy Of Netflix

    Watch it on: Netflix

    What it's about: This reality show revival, where someone has a makeover by a "Fab 5" team of experts, has received critical acclaim for not only its characters and storylines, but also its handling of a multitude of modern-day issues, from improving your mental health to overcoming grief. Plus, despite assumptions that it is reality TV, it will make you cry more than all of the dramas on this list put together.

    "It made me ugly laugh, ugly cry, and ugly smile!"


    5. Atlanta

    BBC / FX Networks

    Watch it on: FXNOW is showing the second season in the US; BBC Two is currently showing the first season in the UK.

    What it's about: Donald Glover writes, stars, and directs an ambitious comedy-drama about two cousins trying to break into the Atlanta rap scene. Beautifully written, authentically shot, and perfect to binge.

    "Amongst all the small, surreal things that deliver real laughs, each episode of Atlanta stands on its own as being a work of art. The tone can switch from being startlingly dark to downright wacky at the drop of a hat, but at it’s core it’s a show that is deeply human, and at times, startlingly profound."

    – Billy White, Twitter

    6. Derry Girls

    Channel 4

    Watch it on: All 4 (UK), to be confirmed elsewhere

    What it's about: One of the funniest British comedies in the last five years, Derry Girls not only depicts Northern Ireland in a different way than you've seen before, but the friendships, fears, and arguments encourage you to look fondly back at the best of your school days well. And Lisa McGee's script creates corkers, like this from Sister Michael: "Don't worry about the whole sectarian conflict carry-on. There's only one thing you need to know: We're the goodies."

    "Derry Girls is just glorious - the everyday chaos of misfit teens, dysfunctional families and evil nuns offer plenty of laughs, but it's the backdrop of the Troubles in 90s Northern Ireland that makes it stand out from the likes of The Inbetweeners. A moment in time perfectly captured, I can't wait for season two."

    – Heidi Stephens, Twitter

    "It’s so funny, heartwarming, relatable and nostalgic definitely recommend to all." – eviem48fbd8f63

    7. On My Block

    Courtesy of Netflix

    Watch it on: Netflix

    What it's about: On My Block follows the life of a group of friends as they go through school in Los Angeles. It has been praised for many reasons: for the casting, for the pacing, and for managing to weave so many important and engaging issues topics into its storylines.

    "This show has everything you didn't know you needed! Four kids from an inner-city neighboorhood try to navigate high school, love, the streets and life. What we get to experience is a coming of age that values friendship over everything. Oh, and the season finale cliffhanger - I'm still reeling."

    – Erin, Facebook

    "I'm so glad it's getting a second season."


    8. Patrick Melrose


    Watch it on: Showtime (US) and Sky Atlantic / Now TV (UK).

    What it's about: Based on the life and books by Edward St Aubyn, Patrick Melrose opens the story of a man who has to collect his father's ashes from New York, which slowly turns into a heroin trip. What you then witness is a powerful reflection on the grip of addiction. Benedict Cumberbatch, who is practically in every single scene of the show's the opening episode, is utterly mesmerising.

    "Benedict Cumberbatch’s performance is a tour de force, stunning period settings and detail, subtle and extraordinary emotional resonance. It was flawless!"

    – Joannask331, Twitter

    9. Babylon Berlin

    Netflix / Sky Atlantic

    Watch it on: Netflix (US) and Sky Atlantic / Now TV (UK)

    What it's about: This German detective thriller requires your attention, especially if you don't speak German (put down your phone while you watch it). Adapted from the books by Volker Kutscher, this drama has been praised by critics for addictive quality, visual attention to detail, and timely feel in its depiction of the rise of populist right movements.

    "Tense, riveting, difficult to follow at times, and in German. An amazing television series with expert acting and spot-on period details."


    10. The Handmaid's Tale


    Watch it on: Hulu (US) and Channel 4

    What it's about: The timely television adaptation of Margaret Atwood's dystopian novel, set in a totalitarian state where fertile women are raped and forced to bear children, continues to receive acclaim by viewers even though it now goes past the end of the material it was based on.

    "Within the show's dark and eerie dystopian society you see glimpses of how our current society treats women, people of colour and the LGBTQ community."


    11. Westworld


    Watch it on: HBO (US) and Now TV / Sky Atlantic (UK)

    What it's about: Westworld was the breakthrough drama of 2017 and, similar to The Handmaid's Tale, has started to go beyond its written source material, but its complicated feel means that it is essential that you start at the beginning. The original concept? A Wild West–style park where humans can do whatever they want, including to the android hosts, without consequences...until there are.

    "It’s like watching a short movie. The music, dialogue, character development, acting- it’s all there."

    – Jules, Facebook

    "It never fails to amaze me. It has intelligent dialogue, great character development and it's just plain gorgeous to look at."

    – Shaikha, Facebook

    12. Joe Pera Talks With You

    Adult Swim

    Watch it on: Adult Swim (US)

    What it's about: Joe Pera, who acts considerably older than he actually is, talks to you about a multitude of subjects that interest him from his home near Michigan. It has been seen to be one of the most original, quirkiest, and most heartfelt comedy shows of the year.

    "The best advice I can give for getting started on Joe Pera Talks With You, a strange and gentle series starring comedy Joe Pera as a fictional version of himself, is to watch Episode 6 — 'Joe Pera Reads You the Church Announcements.' It’s an 11-minute installment about how Joe, who’s apparently missed it until this point, hears the Who’s 'Baba O’Riley' for the first time on the radio, and it is one of the most big-hearted and wonderfully uncool portrayals of falling in love with a song I’ve ever seen on screen."

    – Alison Willmore, BuzzFeed Staff

    13. A Very English Scandal

    Kieron Mccarron / BBC/Blueprint Television Ltd

    Watch it on: BBC One (UK), Amazon Prime (US – from June 29)

    What it's about: When you watch this drama, written brilliantly by Doctor Who and Queer as Folk's Russell T. Davies, there may be times that you think that it is just too unbelievable. But then you realise that actually, no, this is based on a true story. Ben Whishaw stars as a model who has an affair with Jeremy Thorpe (Hugh Grant!), who then luckily survives an assassination attempt ordered not long after, by the very same person he had an affair with.

    “Beautifully written: Every line gives you something extra, exemplary performances and unshowy direction. It has been the best Sunday night BBC One drama since Pride and Prejudice.”

    – Janine Gibson, BuzzFeed Staff

    14. The Good Place


    Watch it on: Hulu (US), Netflix (UK)

    What it's about: Well, I don't want to reveal too much because the premise changes constantly and it can be typical to hear about the twists and turns of this show without having seen an episode, but let's go from the start. The original premise focuses on Eleanor (Kristen Bell), who dies and is told by Michael (Ted Danson) that she is in "the Good Place", essentially a heaven. The original twist? She thinks she was sent there by mistake. The ambition and creativity is unlike any show on television right now.

    "Everyone should watch it. It's hilarious and philosophical."

    – Keerthi, Facebook

    "The way they keep changing the premise to keep the show interesting is amazing."


    15. The Good Fight


    Watch it on: CBS All Access (US) and All 4 (UK)

    What it's about: This is a spinoff of the award-winning show The Good Wife, but unlike many other spinoffs out there, The Good Fight manages to feel fresh, not living directly under the original’s shadow and able to tell stories the original wasn’t ever able to get into. The legal drama follows powerful Chicago lawyer Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski) after a financial scandal forces her from her old firm.

    "If you loved The Good Wife — and why wouldn’t you, it was the best! — you will definitely love this spinoff, in which Christine Baranski’s power lawyer Diane Lockhart moves to an all-black firm headed by Delroy Lindo and, this season, Audra McDonald. The show is unabashedly feminist — Cush Jumbo! Rose Leslie! Sarah Steele! — deeply engaged with our Trumpian moment, and overstuffed with great writing and great acting. Do you like wonderful things in your life? Watch this show!”

    – Adam B. Vary, BuzzFeed Staff

    16. Lovesick

    Courtesy Of Netflix

    Watch it on: Netflix

    What it's about: This comedy-drama follows a group of mates either in love or finding love, in a flashforward-flashback style. The show was originally on British television, but Netflix renewed it exclusively for the third season in January 2018, and so many people are pleased that they did.

    "I love that show and those characters. All so deeply flawed, but real, honest, and funny!!!"

    – Kathy Wall, Facebook

    17. Dark

    Courtesy of Netflix

    Watch it on: Netflix

    What it's about: Although released at the end of last year, Dark has really generated a buzz with readers right to the middle of this one. It's also practically impossible to describe this thriller without issuing spoilers, so I'll brief. Jonas (Louis Hofmann) goes missing in the creepy desolate fictional town of Winden in Germany, only to turn up in the same place at a different time. And a clue of what the show is like is in the name. It is. Oh boy. Watch something like The Good Place afterwards to lighten the tone a little.

    "The most captivating and interesting show I’ve ever seen. Trust me, you will become consumed by this show! It starts off in German, but you can pick from English subtitles or English dub."


    "It’s been a long time since I found a show so captivating!"


    18. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    FOX / Via and

    Watch it on: Hulu (US) and Netflix (UK)

    What it's about: While hardly new a show, Brooklyn Nine-Nine's sensational cancellation by FOX followed by the sensational announcement that it would be renewed by rival broadcaster NBC has generated a whole lot of new interest in the New York City Police Department sitcom. Now is the perfect time, if you haven't already, to binge before the new season. NINE-NINE!

    "I love this show so much. It's hilarious, we'll start off there. Every character has depth and has been built on. Every time you think 'oh look, there's a boring, repetitive stereotype', they flip it on its head."


    "I’m just so happy I got into it."


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    Entries have been edited for length and clarity.

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