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"Trainspotting Live" Is A Real TV Programme And Oh My Goodness

Featuring live videos of trains across the country, this might be the most British TV show you will watch this year.

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BBC Four. A channel that once showed an nonstop canal journey with no commentary for two hours.

BBC Four

And then at Christmas showed a two-hour uninterrupted sleigh ride, also with no commentary. What bizarre yet mesmerising show will they come up with next?


So what did the first episode of Trainspotting Live consist of?


Then this spectacular moment happened.

This clip of two men in Doncaster losing it over a train was broadcast live on BBC last night. Amazing. Pure joy.

The excitement of train spotting enthusiast Dick Strawbridge cannot be beat.

Some people of course took the piss.

Just seen TWO super rare #SouthernRail trains #trainspottingLIVE