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Here's Another Special Reason Why Liam From "Bake Off" Is Bloody Great

And that's why you should be backing him on the show this year.

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Liam: one of the most engaging, loveliest, hard-working bakers in the goddamn tent this year.

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There's many things to love about Liam, but one thing I've noticed is how his friends and family are constantly incorporated into his Signature and Showstopper bakes.

Later that episode he made a pancake illusion cake, which included some of his mum's favourite things.

Love Productions / Channel 4 / Via

Liam got into baking because of his mum Eleanor, but in many episodes he has also been talking about his love for his nan's recipes.


And of course there was his nan's recipe for his pie Showstopper, which got a fantastic review by Paul – leading Liam to shout this:

"YESS NAN"!! MY NAN IS A G !! #cynthia 😂


Also, in this week's Showstopper, he made a sfogliatelle and displayed it in a box with fake ice for this very sweet and meaningful reason: