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24 Times Mary Berry Made "Bake Off" The Greatest TV Show In Britain

She is so integral to the success of the show and will be missed so damn much.

1. When Mat told Mary that his bake contained gin.

2. When she tried Luis' cocktail flavoured doughnuts.

3. When her face could be a reaction to anything.

4. Especially when she did that BBC football advert.

5. When Mary dropped this amazing innuendo.

6. Not forgetting, when she wanted to eat carpet.

7. When there wasn't enough gin in Ian's bake.

8. When Tamal told Mary about his bread structure.

9. When she did the cheekiest wink of all time to Ian.

10. When she gave this really sinister facial expression when Mel said this to Ian.

11. And when she did this rather sinister facial expression when she talked about poking custard.

12. When a baker told her: "I'm using quinoa flour."

13. "I think I have time. I can pipe quickly."

14. When Paul Hollywood dipped his jaffa cake in his tea and Mary responded with this face.

15. When Enwezor admitted that he had used shop bought fondant instead of making his own.

vine.co / Via Love Productions / BBC

This is the face that Mary uses if you do not make your own fondant.

16. When Mary came up with this new catchphrase.

17. Although nothing will ever beat this catchphrase.

18. When Mary was offered to smell some hemp.

19. When she tried some of Michael's "grass."

20. When Mary wore this jacket that was so bloody amazing Marks & Spencers ran out of stock.

21. Whenever she pronounced layers as "LAIRS."

vine.co / Via Love Productions / BBC


22. When she royally told off Paul Hollywood.

23. And more seriously, when Mary wiped the tears from Nadiya's eyes after she won the competition.

24. And then she said this and cried.

We enjoyed every minute of you being in Bake Off, Mary.